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The recent controversy over steroid and human growth hormone use in the sport of baseball has focused public attention on the potential benefits and risks of somatropin or HGH. Needless to say, insurance isnt going to cover those costs.)Experts are in agreement that while HGH is a potent treatment in the presence of highly specific illnesses, the risks far outweigh any potential benefits in considering the drug for cosmetic use.
Use of HGH injections as a treatment to stop aging or for athletic enhancement is illegal, yet the physical and cosmetic allure of a substance some hail as the fountain of youth causes many to ignore the law or to seek ways to boost their own bodys production of HGH naturally. By the time humans reach the age of 40, however, the pituitary gland, which sits at the base of the brain and produces the HGH, begins to slowly reduce the amounts released into the system. High blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and diabetes are all possibilities as is bloating and abnormal bone and organ growth.In light of these issues many people turn to HGH supplements in tablet form that purport to release or stimulate the bodys own HGH production.  
(It is also used to offset the wasting of muscle experienced by patients with AIDS and HIV. Primarily, HGH works to build height in growing children while increasing bone strength and muscle mass. While this is obviously the safer route to enhancing the bodys supply of HGH with no known side effects, there is also no conclusive proof that these releasers work.Synthetic human growth hormone, available legally as a prescription only and administered through an intramuscular injection, has been approved to treat children and adults diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency or with diseases that cause short stature.However, when HGH is used in the absence of a condition that calls for the treatment, numerous side effects can result including muscle and arthritis pain, headaches, and swelling in the extremities. Because the pituitary gland experiences the greatest activity during the night, the pills are taken at bedtime.
An increasingly popular theory holds that this reduction causes the weakening and failure of the body during the aging process, leading to the seemingly logical conclusion that by supplementing HGH such deterioration can be forestalled. Studies conducted on older test subjects showed that while HGH increased their muscle mass, it did not build their strength. Some people experience wrist pain that mimics carpal tunnel syndrome. Overall, a reasonable program of strength training paired with a good diet will do more to minimize the effects of aging without subjecting the individual to the painful and potentially life-threatening side effects found with off-label HGH use.
(At the same time there are plenty of web sites in the quack genre hawking all manner of HGH delivery systems, like oral sprays, even though studies have shown that growth hormone cannot penetrate the oral membranes and stomach acids PET bottle Suppliers would break down the hormone before it could have any effect.The human body produces HGH as a fuel for childhood growth and for the healthy maintenance of organs and tissues in adult life. It isnt surprising that athletes and others for whom endurance, appearance, and physical fitness are high priorities would be tempted by the drugs promise.) Used in these ways, HGH has been shown to increase bone density and muscle mass while decreasing body fat and enhancing the hearts ability to contract.
At the same time, HGH seems to give the recipient more motivation, a better mood, and a much higher capacity to exercise. In addition to these frightening effects, people who subvert the ban on HGH and seek the injections are looking at expenses of about $75 a day or $2,000 a month. HGH can also stimulate the growth of cancers, cysts, and similar abnormalities.

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